Chicken pox: the same virus that affected us as children can debilitate us as adults. The re-activation of chicken pox as shingles is common for people over 60 and can lead to painful persistent sores in various parts of the body. With the vaccine only 50% effective and side effects of current medications (Lidoderm patch®, Lyrica®, and Horizant®) that includes drowsiness, lightheadedness, falls and addiction, new medications are needed to relieve this painful condition.

The Northwest Clinical Research Center has the opportunity to test a topical gel that can be directly applied to sore areas caused by shingles. This unique approach may reduce pain and burning without causing the side effects associated with oral or injected medications.

Study Treatments
All volunteers will receive an initial evaluation at no cost. Patient safety is our primary concern and we need to make sure that patients are eligible for the study prior to receiving study medication. Prior safety studies have been completed and now conducting a study to see how effective the medication. Please give us a call to find out more about the study medication at (425) 453-0404.

Study participants are needed to evaluate if the new study medication works better than current treatment for shingles pain. Complete the questionnaire or call our office at (425) 453-0404 to learn more details about the study and to determine if setting up an appointment is good for you.

All study participants receive the following at no cost:
• Clinical Evaluations
• Study Medication
• Medical Care